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Mercedes SLK230 Used Engines

Sub ModelsBase
Engine Sizes2.3L L4 GAS
Items Available2
Average Price$1201.50

Buying a used engine for your Mercedes SLK230 vehicle may be confusing (and expensive). Some Mercedes vehicles may come with numerous engine options and could be very confusing. You must carefully select the correct engine unit that fits your vehicle (your user manual should specify the engine specs). Please make sure to review the descriptions of the engines listed below and match it with your vehicle's engines specifications. In addition pay attention to the mileage of the engine and warranty before selecting one. To purchase an engine found on the list below, you may contact the us electronically or call our highly trained staff at 1-800-378-7566 with the stock number and your Vehicle ID Number. Our sales staff is skilled to assist you selecting the right engine for your car or truck.

Stock Number: RAB147033617G
Fit: 1999 Mercedes SLK230
170 Type
Description: Gas Engine
2.3, 0, AUTO, FLR, RWD 170 Type
Mileage: 78K
Warranty: 1-Year
Wrecking Yard: Jacksonville, Florida Yard
Stock Number: RAB149236039G
Fit: 1999 Mercedes SLK230
170 Type
Description: Gas Engine
RG-2.3, 4, AUTO, FLR, RWD 170 TYPE
Mileage: 83K
Warranty: 1-Year
Wrecking Yard: Phoenix, Arizona Yard

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